A New Season

Thus far this year the 49ers have looked pretty pedestrian.  I think there is some hangover regarding the last 3 years of playoff football, but these guys are professionals and that shouldn’t be an excuse.

The problem areas I see thus far in 3 pre-season games are as follows:

Quarterback play.  Kaepernick’s are not impressive at all.  22 for 12 – a 54.5%.  Gabbert is worse at 36 for 18 – 50%.  This will not win you any games.  Really the only real bright spot on offense is Carlos Hyde.  This guy is a future star.  He needs to get more touches.  His running style is reminiscent of Eddie Lacy.  He is a tough dude.

Defensive play. BORING.  The only highight I saw worth mentioning was from this last weeks game against San Diego.  The 4th and goal stop.  Willis and Wilhoite converged to make a great stop on the Chargers runningback.  BTW- Looks like Willhoite will be the starter for the injured Navarro Bowman.

Seriously, the niners need to step it up in this game vs the Texans.  I hope that their tenacity comes out, because in the 1st 3 games of the pre-season, it has been absent.


Stop the Madness!! Harbaugh to Cleveland


You have go to be kidding me.  This would be the biggest bone head move the 49ers have ever made.  Jed, Trent and whoever else thinks that they can win without Harbaugh are fooling themselves.



Anyone with an ounce of brains at 4949 Marie P. DeBartolo Way, knows that Harbaugh is the glue that holds this franchise together.

Listen Up little Jed!

download (1)You are way off on this one.  Go call your uncle for advise here and while your at it, get off your high horse and PAY the man!  He is deserving of the money.

In addition, if anyone from the Niners entertained this deal for one second (Mr. Baalke are you listening), download (2)then they need to be relieved of their duties immediately.  What an outrage!

A message for the Cleveland Fans!  Can you say Jerry Jones- be very afraid of your owner; he seems to be a sh** disturber.

GQ names Kap the most stylish man in the NFL

I really don’t know what to think about this one.  Last year was the same thing. He went to event after event (seen here sporting the red jacket and blue pants at the 2013 Espy’s)

2013 Espy's

GQ reports the following:

Colin Kaepernick’s got as much game in the style arena as he does on the football field. His proportional awareness, sneaker sensibility, and understanding of tonal play puts him in the elite class of well-dressed athletes. The NBA guys should watch out—the next crop of super stylish athletes look like they’re coming off the gridiron.”

I know the kid has style, but I really want Kaep to keep his eye’s on the prize- Super Bowl.

How does Kaepernick stack up against the last 6 winning SB Quarterbacks?


Those of you 49er faithful who wonder whether or not Colin Kaepernick is good enough to win it all for the 49ers, I say – Just chill out.  He is fine and holds his own with other Super Bowl winning QBs.  I did a little data gathering and the analysis is very interesting.

My Criteria

I considered the last 6 Super Bowl winning QB’s who won the SB for the first time (Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger won it twice. Thus years 2007 & 2010 were eliminated from the data)

I looked at the year pervious to them winning the Super Bowl

I measured their ages, rankings (had to have at least 100 attempts), completion%, total yards, QBR and the defensive ranking of their team in that year.

Who was measured and in what year?


Analysis Year

Ben Roethlisberger


Peyton Manning


Eli Manning


Drew Brees


Aaron Rogers


Joe Flacco


Colin Kaepernick


Consider this; both Eli Manning, Brees, Roethlisberger and Rogers are most likely all Hall of Famers.  Without question we know that Peyton is a lock 1st ballot HOF’er.  Not sure on Flacco yet.

In the Age category- Colin is tied for third with Rogers and Flacco in the year prior to them winning the super bowl.  All were 26 years old.

In completion percentage he ranks 5th and ranks 6th in Total Passing Yards out of the group of 7.

Here is where it gets interesting, if you haven’t thought it is yet – Colin ranked 10th amongst all NFL Quarterbacks in 2013.  This distinction ties him with Roethlisberger for 2nd place in this study. Only Brees, Roger and Peyton bested these two and all tied with a NFL QB ranking of 4.


In QBR rating, Colin finished 4th with no ties.  This is a cool statistic.  Total Quarterback Rating is a measure of the performance of quarterbacks or any other passers in American football developed by the American sports network ESPN.  ESPN claims QBR is a more meaningful alternative to the passer rating, which remains the official NFL measure of passing performance.


So therefore you can see that Colin is well positioned for success in the future.  The 49ers have the defense to stack up against the best and if Kaepernick stands in the pocket a bit more, then his numbers will only increase.

Don’t panic Faithful, Colin is fine.  Oh Yah, the kicker on this study is that all 6 QB’s have salaries that are north of $100M.  So that means Colin is considered an Elite QB in this league.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices are going down, Hmm I wonder why?


The New York Post published a story stating that Super Bowl tickets are in a free fall.


Could it be that America doesn’t want to see the Denver Broncos play the Seattle Seahawks.  Seattle just might not be a good draw.  We know Denver is; because the of the Peyton Manning story, but what do the Seahawks bring to the table.  Yes, the LOB and Sherman and his Madison Ave antics, but truly is there a story line here?

Yes, it could be the weather, but i doubt that.  This is the most watched sporting event on the planet and snow or not, people want to be there to see the game.   But it could just be that New Yorkers are not too interested in shelling out the dough for a game that might not live up to the hype.

See the NY Post article here: http://nypost.com/2014/01/27/ticket-prices-plummet-weekend-before-super-bowl/

Sherman still thinks Crabtree is mediocare

Check out this video on ESPN.

Richard Sherman SportsCenter Convo

Kenny Mayne sits down with Seahawks CB Richard Sherman to discuss his postgame rant after the NFC Championship Game, and the matchup with Peyton Manning and the Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII.


Check it out here: http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=10350376

Is this the reaction Sherman wanted; NOT!

I believe the saying goes; Imitation is the best form of Flattery, well not in this case.

In a new video that seems to be going pretty viral, a group of cut kids reenact the crazy interview between Sherman and Fox Sports reporter Erin Andrews.

see it here:

What a proud moment for Sherman!! Way to show the youth of today how it is done.

Sherman apology – Sincere or Damage Control



Yes we are discussing Richard Sherman again, but I suspect this is exactly what Richard Sherman was looking for.  The attention is on him and he likes it that way.  The Communications major from Stanford University gave CNN’s Rachel Nichols an exclusive interview addressing the incident on the field with Michael Crabtree and his bizarre interview following the NFC Championship game. 

Here are a few of his statements that are kind of interesting to think about.

“Mostly I regret the storm afterwards, the way it was covered the way it was perceived.”  Later he goes on to say he should not have attacked an individual

“I should not have attacked another person, it was immature and I probably shouldn’t have done that.”  Ya Think- however this is not the first time –see Sherman attacking Skip Bayless in the video below– this interview happened over one year ago.  Hmm, Could this be a pattern?

“….., but on the field we are playing a very barbaric sport, you can do what you please.”  Really, I wonder what Roger Goodell would think about that?  The barbaric sport which fines players for barbaric hits.

Richard Sherman  needs to self examine his actions and how he addresses the media.  Many players have emotions that run hot and have had off the field incidents with their competition but have not acted in this manner.  I don’t believe this was the heat of the moment.  I believe this was a calculated ploy to get some attention for himself.  The game had about 5-8 minutes left (3 kneel downs from the Seahawks to run the clock out) from Sherman’s great play to his infamous interview.  In that time, you can’t tell me he wasn’t able to collect himself.

Here is the interview with Steven A. Smith and Skip Bayless over one year ago.  Sherman is pretty pompous in this one.  Not sure why it didn’t get more airtime:

I wonder if he apologized for attacking an other human being in the heat of the moment?  Heated and Amped up sports environments don’t build character, they reveal character.

What are the 49ers biggest needs?

frank_goreMost of the NFL draft guru’s have the 49ers picking up a wide-receiver on the 30th pick.  The most likely pick at that spot would be either Odell Beckham Jr. from LSU, Allen Robinson from Penn State or  Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt.

There’s no guarantee Anquan Boldin will be re-signed and even if he returns, the 49ers will be looking to upgrade the receiver position.  

However, I think the niners main need is to bolster their run game. It was one of the main factors in their undoing against the Seahawks. Frank Gore will be 31 years old.  Back in the year 2000, Doug Driner (then of Pro-Football-Reference.com) did a little data mining. For all running backs in the NFL from 1998 on, Diner looked at what percentage of running backs tended to improve statistically from one year to the next. He found that backs mostly improve up to age 27—as many improve as decline at age 27—and from age 28 on, they mostly decline.  LaMichael James, Hunter and for sure Marcus Lattimore (did you see his knee injury) are not the answer.

Other than Carlos Hyde, who is projected to go to Cleveland on the 26th pick, there are a few running backs that the 49ers should look to grab.  I think it they need to get either Tre Mason of Auburn or Jeremy Hill of LSU.  The running game against the Seahawks would have taken the pressure off of Kaepernick and softened the defense for the receivers to get open.